Axis Recruiting Solutions


Manufacturing Company, Tucson, Az

Thank you Axis for all you do. We wouldn’t be half as successful without you. Your people aren’t only good, they are so good, we don’t know that they aren’t ours. You are the partners our organization needs AND wants.

- Human Resources Director


Mining Company, Arizona

We were unsure what to expect using an agency at the capacity we needed. However, Axis has performed in spades. We haven’t sacrificed anything. We get quality and speed, in fact, most of the time, we are struggling to keep up with how fast they are putting really good people in front of us. It’s a great problem to have.

- Mining Supervisor

Plastics Manufacturing

Plastic Manufacturing, Arizona

Axis is unbelievably reliable. No matter the position, we can assure they will get us good people and immediately. I don’t know if I have ever heard them say they couldn’t do something. Our plant is in constant flux so having them has been really nice. They are sort of our Ace in our back pocket.

- General Manager


Behavioral Health Organization, Arizona

We weren’t sure if this would fit our model so we started with one or two requisitions and low and behold, they filled them FAST. We couldn’t wait to get the people in the door because they were really difficult positions. Having a partner that dedicated to something is so nice.

- Lead Recruiting


Charter School Arizona/Colorado

Axis Recruiting was an amazing partner. We have used them for all sorts of positions from Accounting to general labor and custodian. They haven’t ever let us down. There processes are simple and they are so communicative. I never have to guess on what is happening. It’s the perfect partnership.

- VP of Human Resources


International Engineering Firm

Our organization is so complex and our positions are no different. Having an organization that can work internationally and nationally everywhere is so nice. Furthermore, having them to supplement has been so great for our team. Their leadership is always available and we have never waited longer then a few minutes to hear from someone. It’s service of the highest standards.

- Director of Finance and Administration