The Compliance Department verifies and maintains all professional credentials during the pre-employment screening and annually thereafter. The following process is utilized to determine the applicant’s suitability and to maintain personnel file information:

A. The Compliance Department maintains the following documentation in Axis Recruiting Solutions’ computer staffing software to ensure 100% compliance as applicable:

  • Professional License
  • Criminal Background Checks, Drug Screenings and E-Verify
  • Driver’s License/State ID. Card and Social Security Card
  • ACA (Affordable Care Act) documentations
  • Professional References
  • Client specific Competency Testing, Exams and Trainings

B. Weekly, the Compliance Department reports employees’ licensure(s) and certifications due to expire within 45 days to ensure current information is on hand.

C. The Compliance Department notifies the employee via a telephone call and through e-mail of the impending expiration and requests updated information.

D. Upon receiving the updated documentation, the Compliance Department enters the new expiration information into the computer system.

E. If an employee fails to return the updated documentation prior to the expiration date, the Compliance Department will notify the Staffing Coordinator, and the employee will be placed on an inactive status until the correct documentation is received, verified, and recorded.


Axis Recruiting Solutions’ accounting, credit, billing and payroll functions are centrally based out of corporate headquarters located in Tucson, Arizona. We have found that centralized billing and collections is the most effective way to assure that our clients are being invoiced timely and accurately. Axis Recruiting Solutions has the ability to bill electronically and accepts all forms of electronic payments.

We bill clients on a weekly basis utilizing a standard Axis Recruiting Solutions invoice. If you would like a customized invoice, please ask us and we will do our best to accommodate your needs. Invoices are due and payable within 30 days of receipt.